The Perfect Storm for White Anxiety

Nancy LeTourneau, Can Democracy Survive the Demise of the GOP? Republicans refuse to adapt to a changing America and are threatening to take the country down with them.

I’m not going to quote the prescient Ms. LeTourneau here, but I think her views are definitely worth a read.

In the immediately preceding post, I made my predictions about election day, which some of you will think are overly optimistic. But, even if Trump manages to leave office without succeeding in creating a constitutional crisis—a best case scenario—he is still going to leave a very large number of hopped up White people, continuing to suffer from the perfect storm for White anxiety.

Rather than conjuring up nightmare scenario after nightmare scenario for election day, our time might be better spent, IMHO, thinking about what will happen with all those embittered melanin-deprived voters in 2021 and 2022.

Who will represent them—because there surely are enough of them that they will demand and receive significant political representation?

How will their political representatives interact with the political representatives of the plutocracy? Will they all try to stay in one political party, or will there be a split between a rightwing White grievance party and a rightwing pro-plutocrat party?

And, very importantly, is there anything that progressives like us can reasonably, and effectively, do to get some of our rabid brethren and sistern to back off their White anxiety hysteria?

Order Ethiopian takeout, and invite them over to savor a delicious taste they had not previously experienced?

Join them for yoga class?