Just 40 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Only 40 Bottles of Beer

For those of us concerned with how to improve the shining hour as we wait for election day, the song has many helpful suggestions. Here is one more.

I have just finished Carl Hiassen’s Squeeze Me—a humorous fictional look at life in a post-pandemic second Trump term.

If you know Mr. Hiassen’s oeuvre—and for shame if you don’t—this will be one more chance to meet Clinton Tyree, former governor of Florida, chased from office because he was the only honest politician in the state, now living on roadkill and revenge. In the new novel, you will learn all about what happens at Trump’s Florida resort, Casa Bellicosa, and how ex-Governor Tyree brings it about.

Spoiler: it all has something to do with Burmese pythons.