43 Days to Go

Tyranny of the Majority

With the Republicans having broken norm after norm after norm—all to the end of preserving minority rule—why the hell would we not break some norms too?

A, they started it.

B, we’re the majority, not them. They’re the minority.

So, yes, end the filibuster, and pack the Supreme Court too.

And, guess what? While you’re at it, go ahead and pack the courts of appeal as well.

The Republicans have effectively presented us with a choice: tyranny of the minority, or tyranny of the majority.

Well, if that’s the choice, then I say: tyranny of the majority.

The Polls

We’re close to the election, and the results will be what the results will be. So I have stopped saying much about the polls. As an exception, I note the following, from today’s fivethirtyeight.com:

Note that when the bottom data set is switched to average of likely and registered voters, the numbers become 52.8 and 44.0, for a difference of 8.8 points.

So … if you are willing to tell a pollster that you “approve” of Trump, then you will almost surely tell another pollster that you plan to vote for Trump. No surprise there. (Of course, it’s a huge surprise that so many continue to “approve” of Trump, but that’s a different issue.)

That suggests that Trump has pretty much no room to grown his support.

On the other hand, while 52.7 percent “disapprove” of Trump (or it could be 52.8 percent, take your pick), only 50.3 percent plan to vote for Biden. What gives?

Certainly, it could be there’s something screwey about the polls.

But a more plausible explanation is that there are about 2.4 percent of our population who won’t vote Democratic, but whose stomachs are will and truly turned by Trump, so they plan to stay home on election day. And, if so, that’s fine.

“Well,” you respond, “maybe that 2.4 percent of Democrat-despising, Trump-execrating voters might be encouraged to change their minds by the prospect of a right-wing replacement for Justice Ginsburg.”

And you could be right. But consider this: if Trump nominates and wins confirmation for a nutjob of his choice before the election, he has pretty much rendered himself obsolete for the packing-the-courts crowd.

Pollyanna warms to the thought.