A Labor Day Call from Pollyanna

Here at Happy Acres, Dr. Aardvark and I await the nice person wearing a mask who will deliver our large orders of artery-clogging barbequed ribs, along with the baked beans and the corn on the cob.

Just received a Labor Day best wishes call from Pollyanna, who said everyone is doing fine—and they will stay away from crowds today, which is good. In order to brighten my day, she called my attention to three things.

The Trump Cash Crunch

Axios reports that Trump faces surprising cash crunch.

Probably because they’re spending lots and lots of campaign cash on Trump’s legal bills. And, really, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Trump’s Mail-in Ballot Horseshit is Screwing Over Republican Candidates

This from Kevin McCarthy, one of the chief screwees.

Because Trump is not a Republican, of course the last thing on his mind is concern about downballot Republicans. As Axios reports, his main concern is preparing an “explanation” for his impending loss.

And, Speaking of Suckers and Losers

Jennifer Rubin opines, persuasively, in my view,

A word is in order about the reports from multiple outlets confirming Trump in private disparaged wounded and dead military personnel as “suckers” and “losers.” It may be that for a small segment of weak pro-Trump voters who were teetering on the edge of abandoning him, the report provided a decisive push in Biden’s direction. Just as damaging for Trump and worse for his party, however, is the potential that despondent Republicans will not show up at all (and won’t vote by mail since Trump — falsely — said that was rife with fraud). That not only spells disaster for Trump. It also means Republicans up and down the ticket may get swept away in a blue tide. That would be an appropriate penalty for enabling and rationalizing Trump’s odious behavior.

I recall Gabriel Sherman’s report two months ago when he wrote: “A Republican strategist close to Mitch McConnell told me that Republicans have Labor Day penciled in as the deadline for Trump to have turned things around. After that, he’s on his own.” It’s Labor Day, and he hasn’t turned it around. Your call, Republican incumbents