On a Roll

Biden’s August fundraising total–$364 million—is said to have shattered all previous records. $205 million came from online donations. The remaining $159 million came from assorted Richie Richies.

The money from the Richie Richies, ladies and germs, is a clue about how things are going.

Biden, by the way, is spending $45 million of loot on the law and order ad. Good on him, say I. I think his message hits the right note for the present moment.

And, at the risk of arousing the ire of some of my lefty friends, good on the Richie Richies who have decided to get off the Trump Train. Some are decent people, who just want to do the decent thing. Even though they’re Richie Rich. Some are morally challenged. Right now, I don’t care. Our side needs their money and we need their support, regardless of motivation. 

Oh, and The latest polling evidence suggests Trump’s convention flopped