Actually, There Are Two More Key Traits As Well

Thomas F. Pettigrew, Journal of Social and Political Psychology, Social Psochological Perspectives on Trump Supporters

Psychology Today, An Analysis of Trump Supporters Has Identified 5 Key Traits (summarizing the above study)

In case you are wondering, the five identified key traits are

  • authoritarian personality syndrome
  • social dominance orientation
  • prejudice
  • [low] intergroup contact
  • relative [perceived] deprivation

All true, but incomplete, I would submit. My proof is that I have known many intelligent, sophisticated authoritarians, devotees of social dominance, embracers of prejudice, persons living within a social bubble, and folks who thought they were terribly aggrieved and persecuted because they only made half a million dollars a year.

This, I would submit, demonstrates that people with the five characteristics don’t also have to be stupid and gullible. These additional qualities, along with the others, are required to turn people into compleat Trump cultistsL kow intelligence and gullibility.

It has something to do, I think, with the “idiocy of rural life” that results from the fact that the smarter people tended to leave and the less intelligent people tended to stay.