Pollyanna’s Take on the Convention

Pollyanna called today, to tell me she watched the shit show, because she knew I couldn’t take it. I responded that that was mighty white of her.

After a long to-do over my objectionable language, Pollyanna–who has trouble with sarcasm and irony– returned to the main issue, and shared four points.

The TV Ratings

Trump’s “profoundly accepting” speech last night scored 14.1 across six networks: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. The comparable number for Biden’s speech—apples to apples—wa 17.5.

That means, BTW, that out of every hundred TV sets watching something at the relevant time, 14.1 percent and 17.5 percent, respectively, were watching the speeches.

Dementia Cured

Joe Biden has apparently achieved the miraculous cure for his dementia.


The Repubs apparently decided to take a pass on passing out obvious Russian propaganda against Biden.

But Over the Top Claims Remained

Despite the dementia and Ukrainegate developments, Trump and the rest of his Merry Men continued to attack Biden in multitudinous ways, all untethered to any reality. It has not occurred to them that this is a counterproductive form of argumentation.