Keep Your Hand Upon the Throttle and Your Eye Upon the Rail

Skipped the climactic part of the shit show, just as I had skipped the earlier parts of it. The talking heads will tell me all about it in the morning. 

At this point, we have it on good authority—and it’s probably even true—that the major danger lies in Trump’s demagoguing the violence at some of the protesters and scaring the shit out a fairly small percentage of the remaining persuadables. See, for example, Sarah Longwwell, Is Kenosha a Warning for the Biden Campaign? Listening to swing state voters in Arizona and North Carolina.

But, so far, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both flaw candidates, both flawed candidates who needed to rise to the occasion, have risen to the occasion. They have kept their hand upon the throttle and their eye upon the rail. They need to keep it up.