L’Affaire Postale: The Insanity of It All

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This weekend, we Americana are all abuzz about what President Obama rightly termed Trump’s “kneecapping” of the Postal Service, in an effort to keep mail-in ballots from being delivered—and the wicked, treasonous nature of Orange Man’s behavior.

I second those emotions. But the thing that strikes me is the batshit insanity of it all.

One. How Testing for Covid is Like Counting the Ballots

Here is a point that seems obvious to me, though I am not aware that anyone else has addressed the issue.

Trump says that you only have covid cases because you test for covid cases. One is reminded of the question about the tree that falls in the. forest, where no one can hear it. Trump has a positive, definitive answer for that one: no, it doesn’t make a sound if no one hears it.

Trump’s view on ballots appears exactly the same: if I can somehow prevent the votes for my opponent from being counted, not only do I claim victory, but I actually do win the election.

But, as someone pointed out, if a woman chooses not to take a pregnancy test, that doesn’t keep her from being pregnant.

Trump’s beliefs are batshit crazy.

Not only that: he shares his batshit crazy beliefs with the rest of us, on the insane assumption that we will see this insanity as self-evident truth.

Two. Energizing the Democrats

See, for example, WaPo, Trump’s assault on the U.S. Postal Service gives Democrats a new campaign message:

Those most affected by reports of slowdowns in delivery services include veterans, senior citizens and rural residents who have long voted Republican, arming Democratic challengers and incumbents with a salient campaign issue. Democrats are already blanketing the airwaves, latching on to the opportunity to highlight support for an institution that has a 91 percent approval rating, according to an April survey by the Pew Research Center.

Three. Driving Down His Own Support

As has widely been reported, Trump has done a good job of sewing distrust of mail-in ballots among his own base, thus tending to drive down voting by his side.

Four. Forewarned is Forearmed: An Effort Doomed to Futility

Very simply, if I know the mail is an untrustworthy means of getting my ballot where it needs to go, then I can find other means of getting the ballot there. Delivery direct to an official dropbox. Taking it to a designated office. Whatever. And if I don’t drive, the Democrats have ample time to organize ways to get the ballots in.

It’s sheer madness.