The Kamala Harris Effect

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 1.59.37 AM

The above is from Axios this evening.

So … 23 percent of my fellow melanin-challenged Americans allowed as how Harris’s selection made it “less likely” that they would vote for Biden. But the likelihood of Joe Biden getting a single vote out of any of that 23 percent was zero. He could run with the ghost of Jefferson Davis, and they would still vote for Trump. These people are not a credit to their race.

I think the 43 percent “more likely” among Black women is very encouraging. We are greatly in need of their enthusiasm.

Also interesting: both “moderate” Democrats AND “liberal” Democrats averred, in overwhelming numbers, that Harris’s selection makes them “more likely” to support the Democratic ticket.

Nice, but curious. I would guess it indicates that Senator Harris does a pretty good job of appearing to be what you would like to see in her.

And that, I suppose, Is another way of describing someone with great political talent.