“All Persons Born or Naturalized in the United States, and Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof, Are Citizens of the United States”

Robert Tracinski, Kamala Harris Is the Birthright Citizenship Candidate: And that’s why the Flight 93 crowd hates her.

Yeah, right, they hate her for her perceived “otherness,” just as they hated Barak Hussein Obama for his perceived “otherness.”

The thought that strikes me is, If Kamala Harris is now to be declared a non-citizen—in effect, a stateless person—how many other Americans are in the same boat, and how is it likely to affect their incentive to come out and vote for the Democratic ticket?

I did a little research, and the question turns out to be hard to answer. One statistic that keeps popping up is that some four million children in the United States have at least one undocumented parent. And that’s just the children. I haven’t found data for the total number of Americans, both children and adults, who are that kind of “birthright citizen.”

In the case of Senator Harris, at the time of her birth, her parents were both non-citizen alients, but I haven’t seen any claim that either one was in the United States illegally. And so, if “birthright citizenship” is to be denied to children of legal immigrants, the number of Americans to be excluded must run into the many, many millions.

In short, making this pitch about “birthright citizenship”—which, by the way, is 180 degrees inconsistent with the language of the Fourteenth Amendment, quoted in the headline—strikes me as an absolutely splendid way for the wingnuts to goose up the vote for the Democratic ticket.