The Human Symbol of the Doomed MAGA Project

Many have written of the wingnuts’ ridiculous struggle to find a coherent line of attack against Kamala Harris. Their bullshit will fast wash away, and they will very soon discover exactly what is wrong with Kamala Harris: her skin is darker than average, her mother came from India, her father came from Jamaica, and she is a highly successful professional.

And we surely don’t want no uppity, successful, dark skinned people in our neighborhood!

Most especially if they’re women.

No need to gin up the base with contorted, unpersuasive “constitutional” arguments. Because if there is anything that drives the base bananas, it’s an uppity, successful, dark skinned woman who is the child of immigrants.

The old world is dying. The new world is being born. The birth pangs are bloody, but utterly necessary.

This afternoon, Paul Waldman writes,

Harris represents just the kind of America that seems to fill Trump and many of his supporters with anger and fear. She’s a multiracial child of immigrants who rose to the heights of her chosen field. She went to Howard University and cooks Indian food with Mindy Kaling. She’s a walking demonstration of why America’s history as a magnet for immigrants makes us the most dynamic country in the world.

And if Harris becomes vice president — and after that, perhaps president — it will symbolize the fact that, for all his efforts to slam shut America’s doors, for all the miles of border wall he built, for all the people seeking asylum he turned away, for all the children he wrenched from parents’ arms and threw into cages, Trump could not make America “great” again in the way he promised.

This is a profound failure that Trump’s supporters will come to understand as time goes on, whether he wins or loses in November. America is still, despite his efforts, a land of immigrants. Older white people will continue to be shocked and angered when they hear people speaking Spanish or Mandarin or Somali in the supermarket. Our culture — our food, our music, our entertainment, our language — will continue to evolve and change. All that is what Trump said he would unwind. But he never could.

And while Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee precisely because the party’s voters decided he’d be least threatening to whites (and men, and older people) in the general election, Kamala Harris is a reminder to the MAGA set that, in the end, their project is doomed. I suspect that at some level, even they know it.

As do I suspect the very same thing, Paul. As do I.