Biden and harris

According to the talking heads, she is both inevitable and exciting, at the same time. Not easy to do. A neat trick. Good for her. Good for Biden. And good for America.

But the consensus is that, during her short primary campaign, she screwed up both the organization and the message. Uncle Joe, himself, has had his share of screwups. Now is the time for both of them to rise to the occasion. I am cautiously optimistic.

Orange Man’s Brilliant Attack on Harris

Having had weeks and months to think about how to take Kamala down, Tim Miller summarizes the message from the right:

So to sum up:

Kamala Harris is a cop—

—who is an anti-police extremist.

A radical leftist—

—who is causing a “revolt” among Bernie voters.

A phony—

—who was too nasty to Joe Biden.