Who Could Possibly Have Seen This Coming?

Moscow Mitch

WaPo, An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers, businesses furious with McConnell: Joblessness is high, benefits are running out and local leaders say they need the kind of aid that the Senate’s most powerful figure has yet to endorse

Republican oofficeholders, including especially Moscow Mitch, find it excruciatingly difficult to understand the relation between cause and effect.

Similarly, they cannot grasp the political difference between bullshitting about, say, Ukraine, and bullshitting about the current life experiences of their constituents.

They do not heed the maxim. They think you can fool all of the people all of the time.

The Washington Post writes,

About five months after Kentucky reported its first loss of life from covid-19, its economy continues to sputter amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many unemployed workers say their benefit checks aren’t enough to afford their bills, and some here simply have stopped looking for jobs. Businesses say they’re also hemorrhaging cash, and local governments fear they’re on the precipice of financial ruin, too.

The economic tumult in Kentucky is vast, and it has added new urgency to the political standoff on Capitol Hill, where the prospect of a prolonged deadlock could worsen the financial woes in a state that was hurting long before the pandemic arrived. Caught in the middle is McConnell, 78who some critics say has struggled to navigate the priorities of the president, the political desires of a fractious Republican conference and the economic needs in his own backyard.

And Moscow Mitch and his fellow travelers have even lost sight of the economic interests of the people who have provided vital economic support to their political enterprise. See preceding post.