Republican Georgia Senator to Republican Georgia State House Speaker: “DROP DEAD!”

Drop Dead

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports,

Last week, House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, sent a letter to his U.S. senators urging Congress to provide a $500 billion relief package to states as governments across the country shed workers and cut programs because of the coronavirus recession. Two other ranking state lawmakers have done likewise.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge us on the state level regarding the delivery of services,” Ralston wrote. From our AJC colleague James Salzer:

In his letter to Perdue and Loeffler, Ralston said the revenue picture is “mirroring” the trajectory of the Great Recession, when the state ran through a $1.5 billion reserve quickly, furloughed thousands of state employees and cut k-12 school funding.

One of those senators, Kelly Loeffler, may have answered Ralston on Saturday, when she Tweeted out a clip of her interview on Fox news.

“We’ve been looking at a package that’s very focused at jobs, kids and health care,” Loeffler said – making no mention of the speaker’s worries.

Then she said this about Trump’s intentions: “He wants to make sure we don’t have blue state bailouts. We want to get back to the blue-collar boom that he built.”