Some of Us are Turning a Little Bitter


Just heard from an old friend. Responding to my death by stupidity post, my friend allowed as how it is unfortunate that Louie Gohmert didn’t manage to get on the plane with Trump, and attend the Texas virusfests yesterday, because “Gohmert could have had such a ‘positive’ influence.”

As I said, some of us are turning a little bitter.

Among those apparently reaching the end of their tether is Margaret Sullivan, media colmunist for the Washington Post, who just wrote This was the week America lost the war on misinformation:

Some new research, out just this morning from Pew, tells us in painstaking numerical form exactly what’s going on, and it’s not pretty: Americans who rely on social media as their pathway to news are more ignorant and more misinformed than those who come to news through print, a news app on their phones or network TV.

And that group is growing.

I will leave it to Ms. Sullivan and the Pew Research people to speak about any general trend toward willful ignorance. As to the specific question of wearing face masks, the data seem to indicate that the message is getting through, except to a diminishing hard core. Typical is a Wall Street Journal article yesterday reporting that “only” (my term) “11% of American voters say they rarely or never wear a face mask.”

Of course, the diminishing hard core are not randomly distributed throughout the country, but are concentrated in rural areas and in the South. They are destined to greatly prolong the pandemic misery.