A Man With a Plan. Not.

Theodore Roosevelt Steering a Ship
Cartoon image of Theodore Roosevelt, wearing raincoat, at helm of “Ship of state” 1902.

An Illustration of the Meaning of “Exponential Increase”

Businessinsider.com, US records its 4 millionth coronavirus case only 2 weeks after after hitting 3 million:

According to John Hopkins University, at least 4,021,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the US as of Thursday. CNN reported that the US surpassed 3 million cases on July 8.

The rate of infection has continued to grow since the beginning of the pandemic. It took 99 days after the first case was reported on January 21 for the US to surpass its first million cases, CNN reported. It surpassed 2 million cases, 43 days after that, and 3 million just 28 days after that.

Plan? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ PLAN!

Politico, ‘Make America Normal Again’: Trump. backers plead for a virus plan

Trump’s political allies, alarmed by his sinking poll numbers, are warning that the president’s best chance to get reelected is to outline more detailed plans to conquer the coronavirus he keeps trying to wish away. They are advising him to offer people something concrete they can look to as the pandemic surges in dozens of states, eroding months of progress. …

Yet the president continued to offer contradictory messages, pushing again for schools to open in the fall, despite the concerns of public health officials. And he didn’t outline any specific plans for addressing complaints about the long wait for test results and the lack of contact tracing, one major key to curbing the spread of the disease. And he claimed that his administration had filled all its requests from states for supplies, though governors dispute that.

They’re “alarmed” by the poll numbers? Can’t they think of something else to be alarmed about, too?

What are they thinking?

Pardon Me if I Sound Morbid But …

… I’m beginning to doubt that I’m going to make it.