The Death Rate is Acceleration Among Trump’s Peeps: This Calls for Presidential Action to Address the Big PR Problem

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New York Times, July 21

The Death Rate is Accelerating Among Trump’s Peeps, Covid-19 claims 2 more area residents and strikes 3 at long-term care facility

This Calls for Presidential Action to Address the Big PR Problem

WaPo, Trump to bring back coronavirus briefings in attempt to revive reelection campaign:

President Trump’s announcement Monday that he would resurrect the White House coronavirus task force briefings is the culmination of weeks of debate among his aides about how best to turn around — or explain away — his administration’s failed response to the pandemic.

As the number of infected Americans surges and as Trump’s coronavirus-related approval ratings plummet, the president is pledging to “get involved” in the daily messaging campaign in a more direct way by returning to the stage where he headlined controversial news conferences in March and April.

The move to revive the briefings, which were at times contentious, meandering and at odds with public health guidance, comes as Trump has struggled to turn the country’s attention away from the surging coronavirus and accompanying economic devastation months before voters head to the polls.