Not Just a River in Egypt


David Rohde, Conspiracy Theories, Denial, and the Coronavirus

The author used to think that the Serbs’ denial of the undeniable evidence of their war crimes was not the kind of thing that could happen in the United States. Now he knows that “Denialism is a universal comfort—and a threat—to us all.”

Jonathan Chait, American Death Cult: Why has the Republican response to the pandemic been so mind-bogglingly disastrous?

A very long, detailed, and highly pessimistic effort to answer the question posed in the headline.

Back when the tobacco companies turned a scientific conclusion into a perceived scientific “controversy,” the project was masterminded by a cynical advertising agency.

More recently, as Chait points out, the purveyors of anti-intellectualism and bogus science have tended actually to believe their own bullshit.

He’s also right that anti-intellectualism will not go away after Trump is fumigated out of office.

But Chait’s unmitigated pessimism does not take into account the 20 point shift in Americans’ views of Trump and the coronavirus.

Nor the 12,000 Trumpists who failed to show for the virus fest rally in Tulsa.