Orange Man Wants You to Know That Biden Will Outlaw Windows in Buildings, Plus, He’ll Abolish the Suburbs

Zesty Italian

From the transcript of yesterday’s word salad:

End solitary confinement. Free federal housing for former inmates. So federal housing now can go to inmates, former inmates. Rejoined Paris climate accord, and seek an even higher level of restrictions. Oh, I didn’t notice that. Oh, I see. So they want to rejoin the Paris climate accord and they want to seek an even higher level of [inaudible 00:42:09]. In other words, make it worse than it was. Mandate net zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, and all new buildings by 2030, that basically means no windows, no nothing. It’s very hard to do. I tell people when they want to go into some of these buildings, “How are your eyes? Because they won’t be good in five years.” …

Well, that’s not fair. Abolish educational standards. Abolish, in the suburbs, you’re going to abolish the suburbs with this, and force Obama/Biden’s radical AFFH, that’s the AFFH regulation that threatens to strip localities of federal affordable housing funds or less unless they changed their zoning laws to fit the federal government’s demands. So what you have, I mean, I’ve been watching this for years in Westchester, coming from New York. They want a low income housing built in a neighborhood. Well, I’m ending that rule. I’m taking it out. So I had spoke with Ben Carson the other day. We’re going to be taking it out. I’ve watched that whole thing go, and now they want to make it twice as bad in the suburbs, ib the suburbs. Mothers aren’t happy about that. Fathers aren’t happy about that. They worked hard to buy a house and now they’re going to watch the housing values drop like a rock. And that has happened. Drop like a rock. So we’re not going to do that. We’re going to do the exact opposite.