He Will Always Be a Loser ‘Cause It’s Classic Dunning-Kruger

Thanks to a friend here at Happy Acres for sharing this, from Daily Kos:

Thank you, Donald Trump. You have done the one thing no Democrat could ever have done.

You have destroyed the Republican Machine.

Think back, if you will, four years, and imagine a Clinton presidency. In a country where Congress is solidly Republican, SCOTUS is reliably Republican, and States are mostly Republican, just as they were when Obama left office. In a country where Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh rule the news.

Imagine Mitch switching effortless from impeding Obama’s every move to obstructing Clinton. Imagine the racist dog whistles becoming feminist dog whistles overnight. Imagine 24 hour Bengazi coverage on every channel and in every newspaper.

Imagine Republicans blocking all aid to Puerto Rico and blaming Clinton for inaction. Imagine blaming COVID-19 on Clinton, accusing her of working with China to spread a virus in the red states after accusing her of attacking American freedoms with her social distancing, lockdowns, and masks.

Thank you, Donald Trump.

They say if you give a man enough rope, they will hang themselves. Thank you for being the rope salesman.

Thank you for being so, so, right wing that Republican politicians could show their true selves, thinking they could now get away with it. Thank you for putting them in power, where they could fully display their true selves. Millar, DeVos, Collins, McConnell. Thank you for ruining their careers.

Thank you for being the champion of the most rabid extremists, and giving them the encouragement to force any moderate out of the party.

Thank you for being the average Republican self-centered racist, but turned up to eleven, to the point where not even Fox can hide it.

Thank you for being the narcissist bastard with clout that could force the “adults in the room” out of it, leaving messaging in the hands of men who can’t even spell subtle.

Thank you for taking control of the party and its message, to the point where neither politician nor functionary can contradict you and keep their standing within what remains of the GOP.

Thank you for being such a poor liar that all but your most brain dead followers stopped listening, while forcing your party to defend your lies.

Thank you for destroying the credibility of Fox News, multiple politicians, and all your press secretaries. Thank you for making them have to defend drinking Clorox, concentration camps, Proud Boys, and boogaloo.

Thank you for exposing the venality and hypocricy of the right wing Evangelical Movement, showing them to be less about Jesus and more about Mammon. And McGovern.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for gathering all the crazy into a single political movement, scraping away all the sanity, and leaving the party as a rump movement that hopefully will come in third in the next election, after the Greens, but before the American Nazi party and the Libertarians.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for being their dream come true, and showing every sane human on the planet what a nightmare they truly are. Thank you.