Insanity on a Sunday Afternoon

Politico, Trump isn’t secretly winking at QAnon. He’s retweeting its followers: There were 14 retweets on July 4th. And those around Trump are even more explicit. It’s giving a boost to the sprawling, Trump-centric conspiracy movement.

As Orange Man becomes ever more bonkers in the bunker, a screaming WaPo headline informs us that Coronavirus update: Florida shatters single-day infection record with 15,300 new cases

Meanwhile, there is talk of selecting Tucker Carlson as the 2024 presidential candidate of the White Grievance Party, formerly known as the Republican Party. Eric Wemple’s reporting shows that he would be a perfect, perfect fit.

And, as icing on the cake, there is news from Sweden, home of the herd immunity theory. Daily Kos, Those right-wingers who praised Sweden’s response to COVID-19 are looking pretty stupid now

Like Trump, the Swedish authorities saw a false dichotomy between “economy” and “safety.” Like him, they picked economy over safety. Their death rate is astronomical. And, because “the human will to survive is greater than their will to shop,” the Swedish economy is in the shits. Having thought they had to choose between economy and safety, they got screwed on both counts.

And, don’t let us forget, Trump’s coronavirus approval rating is sinking like a stone. That would probably have something to do with the fact that “the human will to survive is greater than the will to shop.”