An Idiocy, Wrapped in a Stupidity, Inside an Act of Flop Sweated Desperation

So, I was watching the TV, when I saw this ad. The channel I was watching was MSNBC.

Just exactly how many MSNBC viewers does Orange Man think are going to vote for him because they watched this ad?

Moreover, in the remote event that any gettable Trump voters happened to be watching MSNBC on that occasion—and they would surely have been as scarce as hens’ teeth—wouldn’t you want to appeal to them by some quasi-plausible claim, like “Back before the pandemic, the economy was really good under Trump”? Not the kind of horseshit only a learning challenged eight year old might possibly entertain.

Finally, ladies and germs, please note that I live in a Red State. How stupid, and how desperate, is it to be caught advertising nonsense to the urban audience of the largest city in a Red State that, a few months ago, looked as if it were going for Orange Man anyway?