Trump’s in Deep Doodoo, But Not to Worry, ‘Cause the Market’s Doing Really Well

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Axios, Wall Street is no longer betting on Trump

Good news: the market is up, despite (because?) they now expect Trump to fall down the crapper.

More good news: if you are a busy hedge fund manager—or maybe a mom working from home while trying to tutor your three brats, I mean beautiful children—Axios lets you know that their article only takes two minutes to read. If you are a slow reader.

And, Speaking of Orange Man’s deep doodoo, Greg Sargent lets us know that helium balloons still rise and water still flows downhill:

For many weeks, the basic story that President Trump told the country — and himself — went like this: The only thing restraining us from roaring back to greatness is the oppressive restrictiveness of overzealous officials, mostly Democratic governors and pointy-headed health experts.

In this narrative, by tweeting things such as “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” Trump aligned himself with the proposition that once lockdowns were lifted, Americans chafing to resume normal activity would instantly do so by the millions, unleashing a miraculous “V-shaped recovery.”

CNN reports that Trump allies and top Republicans are “only now coming to the realization” that mask-wearing will be key to containing the coronavirus’s resurgence. With cases rampaging once again, White House officials are “discussing taking a more active role in encouraging masks.”

Now gaze upon this, and try not to slam your head violently into the nearest wall:

The bungled response has caused grave damage to the President’s political outlook — with his reluctance on masks only deepening the impression that Trump is not taking the pandemic seriously. Many of Trump’s closest allies now say in private that wearing a mask in public could help him appear more attuned to the crisis.

They fear his failure to do so — and to encourage his supporters to follow suit — could threaten the economic recovery Trump is counting on to fuel his reelection, because further outbreaks could roll back the reopenings he desperately needs to have a chance in November.

Do You, Like Me, Hear a Non-Barking Dog Here?

Like maybe these “top Republicans” don’t give two hoots about whether their delusional base actually lives or dies?