Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

middle finger

Apropos Orange Man’s incitement to fear and terror, I wish to insist again on two important things.

First of all, it is, I think, all too easy for those of us of a progressive persuasion to enjoy a cheap laugh at the expense of the coronavirus-spewing rubes who quake in their boots in fear of rabid mobs of progressives inciting violence in the cities.

Rabid mobs of progressives are not in fact inciting violence in the cities. And, much as the rubes may cheer Orange Man’s applause lines, they damn well know that mobs or progressives are not inciting violence in the cities. Nor is that what they fear.

The rubes quake and tremble because the country is becoming more progressive. And, specifically, because the majority is coming to recognize systematic racism. And because they now recognize systematic racism, the majority seriously threatens the continued existence systematic racism.

That is what the rubes fear.

And that is what they are entirely right to fear. Their world is crashing down around their shoulders. The rubes find themselves living in a world where even the Southern Baptist Convention wants to retire the Confederate flag. And the plutocracy no longer wants them on Team Plutocrat. The times they are a-changin’, and all they can do is stand there, scream, and shake their fists.

The second thing about which I would like to insist is this. Orange Man claims to be the protector of his rabid followers’ values. But Orange Man is no more preserving their way of life than he is defending them against the coronavirus.

Rather, Orange Man is leading his peeps in a mass display of middle fingers, aimed at the increasingly progressive modern world.

Not King Cyrus, who actually broke some heads. Instead, an incompetent, doddering old  charlatan, slurring his words as he tries to rouse the rabble.