Not to Mention Choosing Life Over Death


The above is the latest wisdom from Billy Bob, one of my high school classmates.

Yesterday, his King Cyrus told him once again that the virus is magically going to go away. I hope that, this coming holiday weekend, Billy Bob doesn’t decide to entertain himself by going maskless to several superspreader events.

Modern day King Cyrus may usefully be compared to real King Cyrus.

Early in his reign, a general named Harpagus invaded his kingdom. Now, I ask you: Did real King Cyrus sit in his palace telling the Phony Persepolis News Channel that the invading army was Fake News and the threat would soon disappear?

No, ladies and germs, real King Cyrus did not do that.

Instead, real King Cyrus summoned his own army and whupped Harpagus’s hairy butt.

Shows you how a real man deals with a real threat.

Meanwhile, in Other News, Up is Still Up, and Water Still Flows Downhill

This morning, Politico breathlessly reports that Democratic ad makers think they’ve discovered Trump’s soft spot. And what, pray tell, is this shocking political discovery? This mind-blowing, hitherto unrecognized political marketing epiphany?

It is that linking Trump’s intellectual and character flaws to a threat to the voters’ personal health is a significantly better advertising theme than just discussing the intellectual and character flaws in the abstract.

The End of the Southern Strategy?

Finally, I note Paul Waldman’s piece headlined How Donald Trump will finally kill the Southern Strategy. Mr. Waldman enlarges upon a thesis that I have been pushing as well. And he’s the national columnist, not me, so you probably want to read what he has to say.

If Waldman—and I—are right, then, after 2020, it will no longer be possible to win national, and most statewide, elections by uniting the hard core cultists with the main street affluent and the Wall Street plutocrats. The cultists will continue to demand bullhorns, not dog whistles, but the bullhorns will drive away too many affluent suburban women to allow the coalition to win.

All that said, as someone is bound to point out, the hard core cultists will still be with us, and they will still want political representation. So, where will they go?

Waldman doesn’t try to answer that question, and neither will I. One possibility is that they will choose someone like Tom Cotton, either as the leader of the truncated Party Formerly Known as Republican. Or maybe, in an exercise in truth in labeling, they will call it the White People’s Cultural Resentment Party.

Or maybe, they will decide to let Nikki Haley try to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Good luck with that.