The Confused Elephant in the Room: A Postscript

I should have added this to my immediately preceding post.

Notice how events are forcing—literally forcing—Republican empty suits to abandon some of the craziness of the ten to twenty percent of the country who make up the hardest of the hard core of the Cult of Trump.

Call me nuts, but I draw a connection between the March of the Masked and the fate of the Confederate flag in Mississippi.

No, I don’t claim that A caused B or that B caused A. I claim that both developments—and many other developments we have yet to see—illustrate how an unbearable, and an untenable, strain is being placed on the alliance of the plutocrats and the racists.

Now, as the Mississippi article shows, if you’re a Confederate flag embracer, you are an embarrassment to the plutocrats—you frighten away their other customers—and they flat out don’t want you on Team Plutocrat any longer.

Some of us were anti-racists when anti-racism wasn’t cool. Now, we welcome as many as possible into the big anti-racist tent.

With that thought in mind, here is some evening music for you to enjoy.

And, as Ms. Mandrell would probably admit, some where country when country really, really wasn’t cool.