David Frum Names the Elephant in the Room

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WaPo, Republican leaders now say everyone should wear a mask—even as Trump refuses and has mocked some who do

David Frum, This Is Trump’s Plague Now: The first coronavirus spike, in late April, can be blamed on the president’s negligence. The second spike, in June, is his own doing.

Axios, the political website, used to have its daily One Big Thing. I don’t know whether they are still doing that. But David Frum captures the One Big Thing of the present hour.

Lots going on, of course. More vigorous ass licking of Putin by Orange Man. Meanwhile, over at Stars and Stripes, the bounty on American soldiers is big news. Congress can’t agree on the next stimulus bill. Congress can’t agree on police reform. Over at Faux News tonight, an acress is apologizing for her topless photo. But, even there, some hint of reality seeps through: as Faux News reports, Confusion reigns as states claw back coronavirus reopenings amid surge.

Confusion indeed.

David Frum cuts through the confusion like a knife through butter. The first coronavirus spike was due to presidential negligence. The current coronavirus spike results from his intentional conduct.