The Virus Doesn’t Care Whether You Live in Texas, Worship at First Baptist of Dallas, and Watch Fox News

Jesus and Trump

Things are rapidly coming to a head.

Gabby Orr, A new dilemma for Trump’s team: Preventing super-spreader churches: Courting religious voters, the president fought for churches to open up quickly after the shutdowns. The consequences include coronavirus clusters tied to churches.

Amy Davidson Sorkin, The Tragedy of the New Coronavirus Spikes: The pandemic’s epicenter is shifting, and Trump still refuses to act responsibly; Republican governors need to decide if they will.

Washington Post, With Trump leading the way, America’s coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections

Margaret Sullivan, The data is [sic] in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously

N.Y. Times, After Asking Americans to Sacrifice in Shutdown, Leaders Failed to Control Virus: As Covid-19 cases surge, it is clear many governors underestimated the coronavirus and rushed to reopen before their states were ready.