Splitting the Masked from the Unmasked

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So, let’s say that 41 percent of our fellow Americans identify themselves as Republicans. (See, e.g., fivethirtyeight.com, showing, as of today, that 40.7 percent favor a generic Republican for Congress over a generic Democrat, while 40.6 percent still “approve” of Trump.)

I checked on the mask wearing stats. As of a month ago, 58 percent of Republicans say they wear a mask when they leave their homes, and 38 to 48 percent of Republicans think Trump should wear a mask. I can’t explain why more Republicans wear masks themselves than think Trump should wear a mask. Be that as it may, clearly about half of Republicans are mask wearers. And, I have a strong suspicion that their numbers are increasing in Texas and Florida.

By simple arithmetic, the Unmasked represent right around 20 percent of the US population. I would bet you a nice steak dinner that these 20 percent correlate very closely to people who would say no to this question: “The theory of evolution is the foundation of modern scientific biology. Do you believe in the theory of evolution?”

They have, in other words, been conditioned, more or less from birth, to believe that biological science is bogus—and the work of the Devil.

By his words—and, even more importantly, by his deeds—Orange Man is doing everything in his power to drive an immovable wedge between the Masked half of his base and the Unmasked half of his base.

Let’s just stand back and let him do his work. If he wants, we can even hold his coat. Bring him a nice refreshing glass of iced tea–sweet or unsweet, as he prefers. As long as he keeps on dividing the Masked from the Unmasked.

Embracing Confederate monuments? Yeah, that’s significant, and that’s unpopular.

Embracing police unions and police brutality? Ditto.

But a Confederate monument is not going to kill you. And, if you are a Trump supporter, you are very probably not going to get stopped, not going to get frisked, and not going to get brutalized by the cops.

So, Confederate monuments and police brutality represent somebody else’s experience and somebody else’s problem.

Facing grave health risk at the hands of the Unmasked? Guess what? That’s YOUR problem.