The Missing Trump Supporters

President Donald J. Trump

This follows up on several recent posts. Turns out, Politico been talking to the politicos, especially the geniuses running Orange Man’s reelection campaign. They published their conclusions at 11:36 on Sunday night, about an hour ago.

Turns out the Trump politicos easily figured out that about 300,000 of those who signed up to attend were just pulling Trump’s leg. Then they subtracted out those who didn’t live within easy driving distance.

That left around 200,000 to 300,000 potential attendees. Even if lots of those folks didn’t actually show up, there should be plenty to fill the BOK Center and to overflow outside. Maybe around 60,000 or thereabouts.

The article refers to protests—and to news about Trump advance persons testing positive—but it doesn’t try to explain why the numbers were so far off. They expected at least 60,000, but most turned into snowflakes, and only between 6 and 12 thousand (at the very most) actually showed.

I say the Occam Explanation is still looking pretty good. Maybe the I-can’t-sue-you-if-I-get-sick-and-die-a-horrible-death waiver of rights may have brought about some sober second thoughts about the wisdom of attending.

Trump’s geniuses also expressed regret that his main message—Biden is the puppet of those scary left-wing mobs out in the streets—got lost in his general horseshit.

Because that message is going to appeal just splendidly to the 36 percent of the country who “disagree” that racism is “a major threat to the stability of the country.”

On the other hand, the message that Trump so unskillfully muddled would have been guaranteed to really piss of the other 64 percent.