Cultists in the Roach Motel

Feelings are running high. One of my good friends shared the old roach motel commercial, in anticipation of what is likely to happen in Tulsa this coming Saturday.

Well, maybe “roaches” is a little bit harsh to describe the 19,000 folks who are apparently going to be packed like sardines in a tin can over in Tulsa next Saturday.

But let us just reflect on the ancient maxim that a man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his acts.

This morning, talking head Dr. Scott Gottlieb informed us that about one in every 200 of us carries the virus.

Thus, of the 19,000 Know Nothings in the Tulsa arena, one may expect 95 of them to be spreading the virus. And none of them will be wearing masks. Because wearing masks is a concession to reality, and, if you are a hard core cultist, you must never, ever make a concession to reality.