So, Orange Man, How’s That “Law and Order” Thingy Workin’ Out for Ya, Wink, Wink?

Palin Wink

This morning, the Washington Post reports now polling showing that

The recent demonstrations have bipartisan appeal, with 87 percent of Democrats saying they support them, along with 76 percent of independents. Among Republicans, the majority — 53 percent — also back the protests.

The widespread support for the protests comes amid mixed views of whether those events have been mostly peaceful or mostly violent. …

But support for the protests is evident regardless of whether they are seen as mostly violent or mainly peaceful. …

Strikingly, among those who say the protests were mostly violent, 53 percent support the nationwide demonstrations while 46 percent oppose them. Among those who said protests have been largely peaceful, 91 percent support them.

Meanwhile, Over at

The difference between Trump disapprovers (now at 54.7 percent) and Trump approvers (41.1) has now risen to a remarkable 13.6 points.

As I hope y’all remember, back in late March and early April the corresponding number was about 4 points. As of this week, not only is the number growing, it’s also accelerating.

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