Blue Monday


A Sea Change in Public Opinion

You do not have to be an old person like me to remember a time when neither Democrats nor, God forbid, Republicans supported gay rights or gay marriage. Some don’t support gay marriage now, and the never will. But a strong majority moved, and moved fairly quickly, from one side to the other. I believe something similar is happening now, before our eyes.

Politico sucks its thumb at considerable length on this matter: Is This the Last Stand of the ‘Law and Order’ Republicans? A punitive brand of conservatism embraced by Trump and some GOP hardliners is rapidly falling out of step with public opinion.

And, folks, they don’t just assert that part about “falling out of step with public opinion.” They’ve got the data to make their case. If you doubt that, then I dare you to read the piece.

A Stress Test on the Military

Another recently popular topic for thumb suckers has been the prospect that Trump might not concede if he loses, and that he might provoke a constitutional crisis. If that concerns you, I recommend Fred Kaplan,Trump Can’t Just Refuse to Leave Office: We have a lot of things to worry about in the next eight months. This isn’t one of them.

Let me add this. I am glad that, in the last couple of weeks, the military brass was forced to do a lot of thinking about how far—if at all—they would obey an unconstitutional order from the President. It was a stress test. Folks, the military is not going to support a military junta with Trump at the head. Not happening.

Trump’s Remaining Support

This morning, the talking heads said Trump has one meeting scheduled today—with a bunch of policemen. The police and their notorious unions are facing real stress right now. Their inclination will be to keep supporting Trump. Bigly.

But will he support them? He is, after all, a coward. And some of his aides are going to tell him about Politico and its thumb-sucking article on the sea change in public opinion.

And if Trump doesn’t come out, big time, for the police unions and their right to bust heads with impunity, how will they react?

The Big Strategy: Decrease Biden Turnout by Drenching the Country in Lies about Biden

That, according to the talking heads this morning, is the thinking of the political geniuses in the White House.

But there is this one little problem. Trump lies every time he speaks. Honest Abe, he ain’t. If your big strategy is to win by lying, maybe it would have been a really good idea to tell the truth some of the time in the past. As it is, even his own supporters don’t believe what he says.

The Cake is (Almost) Baked

That’s the headline in this morning’s piece by Jonathan V. Last, The 2020 Cake Is (Almost) Baked: Biden has the biggest, most durable lead of any presidential challenger ever. He’s more personally popular than Trump. The wrong-track number is at -38. And there are only 20 weekends left before Election Day.

Outstanding reading for garment renders and hand wringers.