The Wrong End of the Telescope

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Tom Cotton, Send In the Troops

Michael Gerson, Trump wnts to turn his opponents into infidels to be destroyed, not defeated

Greg Sargent, Trump and Tom Cotton are losiing the argument. New polls confirm it.

So, here’s the deal. There’s the 32 percent. And then there’s Everyone Else. Mr. Sargent’s point is that Tom Cotton and Donald Trump have done a piss poor job of convincing Everyone Else that there is a crisis that needs to be solved by the “military domination” of American cities. And he has the data to prove the point—some of which I discussed this morning, plus some additional data as well.

I think we may take it as a given that this is how things stand as of Friday afternoon. And, how—one may hope with reasonable confidence—things will stand with Everyone Else after we live through whatever is going to happen this weekend.

But if this is all we see, we are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. What about the 32 percent? What if Tom Cotton and Donald Trump and Fox News are doing a perfectly splendid job of convincing these folks that they stand in mortal peril from the massive demonstrations? (And do please remember, that’s a fear they are psychologically ready to experience, given their morbid fear of the end of white supremacy.)

What if Cotton and Trump and Fox News rile up the rubes to a white hot passion?

What if Trump brandishes the Bible and convinces his 32 percent that Everyone Else is an enemy of Christianity, meriting extermination like a bunch of roaches? What if the 32 percent come to fully accept that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat?

And what if nothing happens—except more massive, peaceful protests around the country?

I think you see where this looks like it’s heading.

It looks like it’s heading to a point where Trump, out of abject desperation, will issue some seriously unconstitutional orders to the military.

And that, ladies and germs, is when push will well and truly come to shove.