There You Go Again

There You Go Again

WaPo, Faced with a Trumpian barrage of attacks, Joe Biden chooses to look the other way:

In a return to his old fighting form last week, President Trump suggested that his electoral rival, Joe Biden, should go to prison for an unspecified offense he labeled the “greatest political crime in the history of our country.”

In response, Biden did nothing, holding back in silence for hours after Trump’s interview aired Thursday on Fox Business Network, until the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign finally sent out a tweet.

“There’s nothing that the American people cannot accomplish when we stand together — one nation, united in purpose,” it read.

My Two Cents

Biden is right not to take the bait every time Orange Man throws some out.

But he needs to develop a catch line, that he can use to dismiss each childish taunt.

Something along the lines of, “Well, there he goes again—saying anything that comes into his damn fool head, to distract you from what really matters to YOU: getting back to work but staying safe, too.”