Orange Man’s Superpower


As usual, I sat down for breakfast—French roast coffee, buttered toast, and a handful of blood pressure pills—to watch part of Morning Joe. Happened to catch Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor of The Atlantic, and a very smart guy.

Mr. Goldberg observed, more or less in passing, that Orange Man’s superpower is that he believes the delusional nonsense he is spouting—and hence is a very good salesman, inasmuch as sincerity, or at least the strong appearance of sincerity, greatly aids in making the sale.

Yes, folks, he intentionally lies about the details. But about the big stuff, he’s actually delusional.

At this point, the superhero of the White Tribe is telling one tale, and the scientists are telling another. And we are witnessing a great public health experiment, as, for example, the less intelligent half of Wisconsin’s population rush out to embrace normality, freed from the tyranny of science-based policy by four Republican justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.