A Heretical Thought


It’s heretical. But, at this point, just a thought, not a strong suggestion.

The virus still threatens. The Aardvarks are, almost entirely, sheltering in place. And the Aardvarks are bloody well going to keep on sheltering in place until the threat is over. (It is unfair that we are in a position to do that, whereas many others are not. But life is unfair in so many ways.)

The governor can lift all the mandatory orders he wants, but we are bloody well sheltering in place until the objective science tells us it’s reasonably safe to come out. We are not going to start dining out three times a week just because some political idiot falsely tells us it’s safe. Nor are we going to start dining out three times a week just to help out the waiters, the cooks, and the restaurant owners. We love them, and we do Grubhub from time to time, but we choose to protect our own health rather than stimulating demand in the economy. And many, many others will make the same choice.

But others think differently. For some, resentment at “being told what to do” gets in the way of rational evaluation of risks. And, for many, the desire for normality gets in the way of rational evaluation of risks.

One senses that the lid on the pressure cooker is beginning to vibrate and hiss.

So, here is the heretical thought: maybe it’s getting to be time to lift the mandatory orders and replace them with really, really strong official government guidance, based on the best public health advice that is available.

All the while, marshaling every resource to get the testing and contact tracing in place.

Those who want to vie for the Darwin Award could do so. But they would do so in the face of strong, publicly sanctioned medical advice. And the notion of risking your health to advance some misguided idea of political “freedom” would be taken off the table.