A Second Swing and a Miss

swing and miss

In The New Republic, Libby Watson goes on … and on … and on … and on about The Depressing Future of the #MeToo Movement: The radical promise of “Believe Women” has been an unintended casualty of the quickly-fading Biden sexual misconduct controversy.

In my estimation, Ms. Watson makes at least one very good point: Uncle Joe did not “disprove” the allegation by looking Mika Brzezinski in the eye and manfully denying it. And anyone who says the opposite—including, without limitation, the good women who want to be on the ticket with Joe—is making a fool of herself, not to mention doing a disservice to women with legitimate grievances, now or in the future.

However, IMHO, Ms. Watson’s lengthy essay conflates the propositions that

  • Joe did something to Ms. Reade back in 1993 that Ms. Reade found extremely distressing—probably with good reason, and that
  • whatever it was that Joe did back in 1993, it was probably something that he shouldn’t ought to have done

both of which are more likely than not to be true, with the proposition that

  • the thing that Biden did was a sexual assault,

a proposition for which the contrary evidence outweighs the supporting evidence, in my opinion.

She also overlooks the key point that journalists should not be left as the final investigators and arbitrators. The charges against Joe Biden, like the charges against Brett Kavanaugh, should be investigated by the most reliable means possible, given the circumstances.