Here’s a Howdy Doo, Here’s a Pretty Mess, Here’s a State of Things, Here’s a Pretty, Pretty Howdy Doo

Greg Sargent writes,

Only hours after President Trump released his vague new plan for reopening the economy, one that does not include anywhere near the testing we’ll need, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tried to get Anthony Fauci to trash Joe Biden’s response to Trump’s new rollout.

It did not go as planned.

The exchange perfectly captures a profound problem bedeviling Trump and his media allies. They urgently need to minimize the continuing threat of coronavirus, to buttress Trump’s case for reopening the economy quickly — in keeping with his reelection needs.

But pushing that line risks making Trump appear cavalier about the virus while deaths mount past 30,000 and experts warn that a rush to reopen could prove catastrophic. So they also must demonstrate that Trump’s call for a reopening is the argument that’s truly grounded in science.

The trouble is that there’s no way to reconcile these two things. Either Trump is taking coronavirus seriously enough, or he is not.