Something’s Gotta Give: The Great Experiment Barrels Toward its Denoument

Spurred on by Fox News, MAGA Fanatics Gather in Public to Protest Social Distancing

Paul Waldman, Why Fox News and Republicans are promoting a social distancing backlash

But the MAGA Folk Blame Everybody but Trump for the Social Distancing

Jonathan V. Last, Why Don’t COVID-19 Truthers Blame Trump for Anything? If shutting down the country is the worst thing ever then why isn’t Trump getting shredded by the people who think it’s a gross overreaction?

And Trump’s Lickspittle-in-Chief Abjures Him not to “Reopen the Economy” Prematurely

Washington Post, Testing is key to reopening economy, Sen. Lindsey Graham says

And So, the Evil Mass Social Psychology Experiment—Testing How Far Government by Bullshit Can be Pushed as as Political Strategy—Barrels Toward its Conclusion

As we ask once again, How looooow can they go?