More on the Wisconsin Election

Lots of analysis, much of it complex, trenchant, and wise. For example, in alphabetical order by author,

Russell Berman, ‘I Am Stunned’: Wisconsin Democrats’ Improbable Victory: A decisive liberal triumph in a hard-fought judicial race eased fears that Republicans would exploit the coronavirus to their advantage.

Philip Bump, What happened in Wisconsin? The opposite of what Trump suggested.

Mark Joseph Stern, Liberal Challenger Defeats Conservative Incumbent in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race: Republicans’ voter suppression efforts appear to have backfired.

Charles Sykes, What Happens in Wisconsin May Not Stay in Wisconsin: Are Republicans sick and tired of all the #winning yet?

Everyone agrees that the proximate cause of the liberal’s victory in the race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court was that Democratic turnout was good while Republican turnout was not good. That’s a fact. But I question the underlying causation some have asserted: that Democrats were more interested in the race because there was a Democratic presidential primary, while there was no primary in the Republican Party.

That doesn’t make sense to me. If a Biden Booster or as Bernie Brother thought it was a good idea to risk his life to stand in a long line and vote for Joe or Bernie on April 7, then that person was crazy in the head. As of that date, the Biden versus Sanders contest was effectively over, and everyone knew it was effectively over. Not a race that a rational voter would risk her life to vote in.

But they might have thought it was worth risking their lives to stand in line and vote for the open state Supreme Court seat, because their votes might determine whether the Republicans get away with purging the voter lists.

Maybe they thought democracy was worth risking their lives.