In the Mood for Some Serious Political Analysis Today?

If you’re not, I hear you, brothers and sisters. And do, please, feel free to enjoy some music by Pete Seeger, promoting a vision that some say is as dead as a wooden nickle.

If you are in the mood for some serious political analysis today, I recommend Zack Beauchamp, Why Bernie Sanders failed: The Sanders campaign and his supporters bet on a theory of class politics that turned out to be wrong. And, in the same vein, David Atkins, Leftist Policy Didn’t Lose. Marxist Electoral Theory Did.

Bottom line: betting on working class solidarity, regardless of religion, ethnicity, and traditional partisan identification, is a losing bet. But, as Atkins concludes,

Now is not the time for despondency on the left. There is ample cause for hope and celebration. Leftist policy is increasingly ascendant in the Democratic Party. But it does call for a change in electoral strategy. Let the industrial Marxist dream of working-class electoral realignment die, and embrace a strategy of leftist policy maximization within an aggressively partisan framework.