Within the hour, this from Politico: Trump’s #FireFauci retweet triggers a cycle of outrage and a White House denial: The president’s retweet triggered tens of thousands of tweets throughout Monday morning with the #FireFauci hashtag. Among other things, Politico allows as how Republican empty suiters John Barasso, Rick Scott, and Pat Toomey are from enthused about shitcanning America’s foremost epidemiologist during a pandemic.

Also, thus little nugget from Politico: among Republican voters, “Fauci enjoys an approval rating well above that of the president.”

Two Thoughts

One: This time, Orange Man has well and truly painted himself into the corner.

Two: I assume that a decision to fire Fauci, if it comes, would accompany the long anticipated Orange Man attempt to “reopen the economy” prematurely.

I don’t know what effect such a “decision” would have on the virus, inasmuch as Trump largely lacks the power to enforce it.

I do think that a Trump decision to fire Fauci and “reopen the economy” would be salutary for our political health. Such a decision would hasten the political Armageddon in which the hardest of hard core cultists just go off in a corner by themselves, leaving everyone else—everyone else with an ounce of common sense—just to get on with things.

Senator John Barasso: my new best buddy.

Sort of like a progressive version of the Rapture and the Second Coming.