Slip Slidin’ Away

As Greg Sargent wrote this morning,

That Trump’s magical reality-bending powers are failing him is borne out by a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finding that only 44 percent of Americans approve of his handling of coronavirus, versus 55 percent who disapprove, a sizable swing from last week. A new CBS poll also finds this approval sliding into negative territory, as did this week’s CNN poll. …

The Trump campaign’s internal polls show “he has mostly lost the initial bump he received early in the crisis,” the Times reports, and advisers want these briefings limited. Republican Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) claims that in these briefings, Trump “drowns out his own message.”

Shit’s gonna hit the fan when, come May 1, he tells all to start hugging again, and get back to work.

Yes sir, shit’s gonna hit the fan.