Yup, Orange Man, Just Keep on Talking

face mask

Do you remember back to the last days in office of that world-historical genius, Newt Gingrich? The time when his approval number were slipping badly? The time when he tried to improve his standing by more interviews and public appearances—until he realized that his every appearance on TV corresponded to a new low in his approval ratings?

Jennifer Rubin writes,

President Trump wants to be a wartime president. However, any rally ’round the flag phenomenon seems short-lived. (Morning Consult, the latest poll to demonstrate this, shows Trump down 13 points in net approval since March 20.) By contrast, former vice president Joe Biden is holding up well, despite (or is it because of?) the enormous imbalance in coverage between him and the president.

In the key swing state of Florida, the University of North Florida poll shows Biden winning by a 46 to 40 percent margin over Trump. What is stunning is not the margin but the percentage for Trump. (Anything under 50 percent traditionally signals trouble for an incumbent). “The poll shows 45% strongly or somewhat approve of the job Trump is doing to address the pandemic, with 53% disapproving. … Trust in Trump is notably lagging, with 41% trusting and 58% not trusting his information about the virus.”) …

In short, we are seeing an unprecedented phenomenon — a fleeting bump for the incumbent in the midst of a national crisis and a sustained lead for a challenger who is by and large trapped in his basement. Maybe Trump’s daily diatribes are not helping him.