Just Let Him Talk

enough rope

Someone named Eric Boehlert has whined, TV networks air Trump 10 hours a week — in 2014 they refused to air Obama for 10 minutes: Different rules for Democrats:

Trump’s daily marathon press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic have now become unearned staples of the television landscape, as both cable news outlets as well as ABC, CBS, and NBC shower the propaganda events with time and attention. Treating the events as breaking news updates, the briefings, where Trump lies and chats casually about a national health crisis, represent a Beltway news culture gripped by paralysis, unable to make the correct decision to unplug the misinformation happenings.

These are same TV networks that made a very different decision in 2014 when President Barack Obama wanted to address to nation for 10-15 minutes about immigration reform, and ABC, CBS, and NBC all told him they would not air his Oval Office speech because it wasn’t worth covering. That followed up the networks’ decision a year earlier to deny the Obama request to carry a primetime address regarding the seven million people who had signed up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

I say, just let the fool keep on talking and talking and talking.