The Trump Bump in Historical Context

Trump Bump Context

The above is from Bloomberg News, sourcing Gallup data.

Meanwhile, Colbert I King has penned Wondering what’s behind Trump’s improved poll numbers? His attacks on the press.

Nope. Don’t think so.

I think what’s behind the change is that 3.5 percent of our population has been watching the nightly clown show and been favorably impressed by the combination of science, bullshit, and pixie dust. This 3.5 percent, which previously didn’t read the news or have strong political opinions, which has something to do with the fact that they are mostly poorly educated people of low intelligence.

If the election were held tomorrow, this narrow percentage of voters would be a problem. But the election is not being held tomorrow, as Bloomberg and many other sources have pointed out.

In other developments from the world of high class punditry, I call your attention to William Kristol, Trump Has Broken the Republican Party—and Conservatism—for Good: There is no going back. You will no doubt remember seeing Kristol’s smarmy face on the teevee, purveying a remarkably long list of remarkably incorrect predictions. But I had forgotten that he was once the leader of the Project for a Republican Future. He now predicts no future at all:

We have now reached the terminus of craven loyalty and pathetic apologetics. I don’t see how either the political institution of the Republican party or the intellectual movement of conservatism recovers from what we have seen over the last three years—but especially the last three months.

And so we will need to think anew, and to act anew.

Sounds like a plan, Bill.

Sounds like a plan.