An Act of Modern Piracy


One of my college roommates writes from Senegal to say that they have widespread testing, things are generally under control, and the government is blocking the attempts of an heretical Islamic sect to carry on with Friday services.

And a friend writes this from Europe:

From Der Spiegel, via Google Translate:

4:41 pm: In the corona crisis, Berlin has to forego the urgently needed delivery of 200,000 medical protective masks. Reason: The United States confiscated the goods in Bangkok, as Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD) announced on Friday. The FFP-2 masks, which can protect against infection with the corona virus, were, according to him, intended for the police of the capital. Berlin ordered and paid for them from a US company.

Previously, the “Tagesspiegel” with reference to Berlin security circles reported that a delivery of protective equipment ordered by the State of Berlin in China had been intercepted by the USA and diverted to the United States. A police spokesman had confirmed the process to the “world”, there was talk of 400,000 masks. According to the information, an American entrepreneur then made a purchase offer that significantly exceeded the Berlin sum. The masks therefore went there; Berlin gets the money back, however, writes the newspaper. The RBB had reported that the goods had been diverted at Bangkok Airport.

Geisel criticized the United States’ actions sharply. “We consider this an act of modern piracy,” he said. “This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners. Wild West methods should not be used even in times of global crisis.” The federal government must urge the United States to comply with international rules.