Pollyanna’s Still Reading Politico

Pollyanna glad

She called this evening to say, first, that we will not see her and the grandkids for a while. She also wanted to draw my attention to Politico, The Pandemic is the End of Trumpism. This, she allowed, is a salutary example of how to play her Glad Game—finding something to be glad about in any situation, no matter how terrible.

I thanked her for staying away from Happy Acres, and observed that she’s right about the Glad Game, provided, of course, that Politico is right about the forthcoming end of Trumpism. Maybe not quite a lead pipe cinch.

Finally, Pollyanna wanted to point out that Senator Ron Johnson is also trying to play the Glad Game, but does not know how to play it well.

This may have something to do with the fact that Senator Ron Johnson is a nitwit. See Jonathan Chait, GOP Senator Upbeat Coronavirus May Kill ‘No More Than 3.4 Percent of Our Population.’

The population of the United States exceeds 328 million. The Glad Game only works if the thing you find gladdening is in fact something to be happy about. The death of “only” 11 million Americans is not something to be happy about.